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The Diamonds class is offered twice per week for 90 minutes. This class is specifically designed for gymnasts who are looking for a little more intensity in their training. For students 6 years and older, they will still continue to progress at their own pace, but will be introduced to new skills while still continuing to polish the skills they mastered in Rubies 1 or 2. Major skills required for promotion to the next level include (but are not limited to):

  • Vault: Vault: Handstand on Springboard‐Tree Fall to 16’ Mat
  • Bars: Chin‐Up Pullover, Cast back hip circle, Straddle on sole circle dismount
  • Beam: Forward Roll, Tuck jump, Tuck Jump Dismount
  • Floor: Straddle forward Roll, Hand stand, Cartwheel, Backward roll to pike, Split Jump


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