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Our Emeralds class is perfect for gymnasts who have completed beginner classes and are interested in learning more advanced skills. This class is offered once per week for 90 minutes. Girls in the program will work hard to learn proper technique, strength
and flexibility, balance, as well as more advanced skills such as back handsprings, back hip circles, kips, etc. Gymnasts will become confident in their skills and have the opportunity to move onto a competitive team in the future.

Emeralds is our advanced recreational class before entering the pre‐team program. Students are moved to this class on coach’s recommendation.

This class is currently being held on:

Mondays – 7:00pm‐8:30pm
Fridays – 7:00pm‐8:30pm

If you have gymnastics experience and would like to be tested for this class, please call (702) 202-0020.

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