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Flip For Me Gymnastics

Trial Class Form

For Office Use Only:

I am fully aware of and appreciate the risks of catastrophic injury, paralysis, and even death, as well as damages and losses, associated with participation in gymnastics and other sports. I further agree that Flip For Me Gymnastics, it’s owners, employees, staff, agents, and directors shall not be liable for any losses or damages occurring as a result of participation in a class or program.

I herby give consent for Flip For Me Gymnastics to provide customary medical/athletics attention, transportation, and emergency medical services as warranty in the course of my participation at Flip For Me Gymnastics. I maintain and uphold Primary Health Insurance for my child and family who are participating at Flip For Me Gymnastics.

Blanket Waiver

Due to insurance regulations, every person entering the main facility must read the following waiver and sign below as an acknowledgement that he/she understands the following agreement.

I acknowledge that by participating in gym activities and/or by moving around in the gym, with it’s equipment and possible uneven surfaces, there is a risk of injury. I acknowledge that I accept the risk and waive the option to sue should I or any minors for who I am responsible for, incur an injury. By waiving the option to sue, I also hereby release Flip For Me Gymnastics and it’s agents or employees from liability for such injury.

This form will be filed with my child’s registration form

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